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Ginger - Yunnan Candle by Lalique

190 g

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Description by Home Ginger - Yunnan Candle by Lalique

Lalique Home combines fragrance with light in terms of design

Lalique Home aims to pamper all of your senses. The Ginger - Yunnan scented candle invites you on a sensual journey to the Far East. Fine white wax exudes the aromatic fragrance of Chinese ginger, which penetrates through your rooms in a fresh and invigorating manner. The scent of the candle is also supported by sweet vanilla. This therefore results in the Ginger - Yunnan scented candle being the perfect blend of fresh, sharp and sweet. Even though the contents of the product are the most important, the external appearance of the product is also important too. Lalique Home has created a delightfully classy black glass jar for the Ginger - Yunnan candle. Thanks to its really chic design and discreet lettering, this scented candle impresses both internally as well as externally. As a result, the candle can be left to burn safely for up to 50 hours, filling your rooms with an exceptional and incredibly aromatic fragrance combination.

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