Sun Control Sun care by Lancaster

Our cosmetic products in the Lancaster Sun Control Sun Care-Line are persuasive due to their easiness to use and high-quality results. Whether Anti-Ageing After Sun Balm, Radiant Glow Cream, Eye Contour Cream or Uniform Tan Cream: The products in our assortment have highly effective care formulas and can be purchased in various sun protection strengths.

Effective protection against skin ageing and strong solar radiation

The cosmetic products in the Lancaster Sun ControlLine allow skin to be protected against strong solar radiation. Sensitive skin types are protected against cell damage. At the same time, you can benefit from an advantageous anti-ageing effect that alleviates wrinkles and improves the skin. Light-related appearances of ageing are prevented, the skin’s elasticity is increased. Allow yourself to be persuaded by our many various products in the sun care segment and benefit from well-known and tried and tested quality!