Square Bases Accessories by Linari

Now internationally renowned for its wide range of perfumes, the brand name Linari has also been associated with exciting room fragrances in the form of candles and other accessories for a long time. To give these a secure base in the room, the Square Bases from the manufacturer are the perfect complement. Made from woods such as maple or acrylic, the scented candles from Linari can be placed on all kinds of tables safely and attractively, so that, when the candle is burning, the risk of dripping is avoided and aesthetic enrichment is possible in addition to a special room fragrance.

Give scented candles an elegant place with Square Bases

Besides individual Square Bases, the accessories are also available in combinations of three, so that several candles can be set up right next to each other. This way, the platform from Linari becomes an aesthetic feature for the dining table or large shelves, which, even without candles, turns heads and can also be used for classic candles and other accessories. If you wish to order these or are looking for an exciting perfume from Linari’s wide range, you are certain to find these at a great price in our Online Shop!