Decadence Women's fragrances by Marc Jacobs

Decadence by Marc Jacobs is an invitation to indulge in sensual luxury. Marc Jacobs says that the story he wants to tell with Decadence is one of the enjoyment of happiness and luxury. Naturally, he thus presents the fragrance as luxurious, opulent and sensual – quite the opposite to his creations up until now. The Daisy are care-free and cheerful. With Decadence the new Marc Jacobs woman enters a glamourous, opulent world full of luxury. This intoxicating and riveting elixir captivates already with its extraordinary bottle. It is presented in the form of an exclusive handbag, inspired by the cult Marc Jacobs bag, in emerald green and gold. The python leather and gold chain complete this object of desire, underlining once more the sensual elegance. On the middle and large sizes of the handbag (and on the eau de parfum), the gold chain even has a silk tassel. The box of course also matches the fragrance. The silky surface as well as the gold imprinted logo have a very mysterious and elegant effect.