Fragrances of Perris Monte Carlo

Fragrances and perfumes have been in Perris family’s blood for many generations, so it is hardly sur… Learn more
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Perris Monte Carlo Fragrances

Fragrances and perfumes have been in Perris family’s blood for many generations, so it is hardly surprising that they created their own fragrance range with Perris Monte Carlo. More than just a few years went by until it came to this. Originally, Michele Perris, the heir to the renowned Italian name, created his own range of cosmetics and fragrances which was soon very popular all over Europe. The heir had lots of experience as, amongst other things, he was at the globally most well known perfume house Houbigant, where he worked as an active consultant in the 70s. After becoming self-employed Michele Perris no longer just marketed his own products but also the sophisticated fragrances from the French house Houbigant. The French perfume house is now in complete possession of the Perris family, which finally fulfilled their dream of their own fragrance collection with the Perris Monte Carlo perfume line, which uses exciting ingredients as well as characterful fragrances.

Cosmetics and perfume with luxurious compositions

The fragrances from Perris Monte Carlo are all unisex fragrances so they can be used equally by men and women. The precise composition varies naturally with every fragrance with some aspects always being in the foreground which are connected with the cosmetics and the brand as a whole. This is how all Perris Monte Carlo creations are very elegant and luxurious, which can also already be seen in the very special design of the flaçon and its packaging. A total of six creations each have a different motto, which always provides the perfect fragrance for every season. Choice ingredients are also used in the cosmetics by the brand away from perfumes. These cosmetics have numerous caring properties and combine them, of course, with very special fragrance notes and particularly French accents.