Excellium BC Bonacure by Schwarzkopf Professional

The BC Bonacure line from Schwarzkopf presents individual haircare for different hair types. The series comprises high-quality haircare products, which impress with their tailor-made formulas and various properties. The Repair Rescue products, for example, rebuild damaged hair and ensure intensive strengthening, whereas the Moisture Kick products provide dry hair with shine and hydration. The structure of the hair changes as you get older. With Excellium, Schwarzkopf presents a good solution for mature hair, providing a protective and regenerative care programme. The products can tame, strengthen and groom the hair.

Effective haircare products for mature hair

BC Bonacure Excellium offers all-round care for mature hair, which not only surprises with fantastic, visible results but also have a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair. All products contain the coenzyme Q10+, which stimulates the hair root and encourages the production of keratin. The result is healthier, fuller hair with more shine and strength. At the same time, the hair colour is effectively protected and the elasticity of the hair is significantly improved. In addition to products which tame and strength the hair, the BC Bonacure series includes finishing products to groom white or grey hair. Yellowing is neutralised and the hair looks brighter, fresher and younger.