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Lip make-up
Lacquer Gloss by Shiseido


BE102 Debut / 7,50 g


BR301 Mocha / 7,50 g


OR303 In the Flesh / 7,50 g


PK304 Baby Doll / 7,50 g


RD305 Lust / 7,50 g


RS306 Plum Wine / 7,50 g


VI207 Nebula / 7,50 g


VI708 Phantom / 7,50 g

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Description by Lip make-up Lacquer Gloss by Shiseido

The traditional Japanese Shiseido brand has been offering high-quality make-up and reconciled care products for more than 100 years, and the brand company has a few innovations on offer in the Spring/Summer Collection 2014. These also include the Lacquer Gloss, an aesthetic and, at the same time, nurturing lip gloss that will appeal to women of every generation. It gently settles on every pair of lips, lending them a natural gloss, while supplying them with nurturing nutrients at the same time.

Order Lacquer Gloss and other Shiseido make-up products at an inexpensive price

All new products in the Spring/Summer Collection 2014 offer the usual Shiseido quality, combined with a basic ecological idea. High-quality ingredients are not only used in classic care items, but also in the make-up products by the Japanese brand, which should facilitate the decision to opt for the Lacquer Gloss and other products by the manufacturer. Our shop would also like to make a contribution towards this, by promising you a fair purchase price, even for renowned brand products!

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