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Pinceur Traceur by Sisley

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Description by Brushes Pinceur Traceur by Sisley

This brush allows the eyelid edge to be emphasised with a dark colour tone – dry or wet.

Thanks to the synthetic bristles that were specially developed to descend the eyelid area, the Pinceau Traceur is excellently suited to intensify the eyes and guarantees uncomplicated make-up application.

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Use by Brushes Pinceur Traceur by Sisley

To be used dry or slightly damp. Move the brush over the eye shadow and apply it thickly with light dabbing movements over the edge of the eyelashes along the eye lid.

Wash with mild soap or shampoo, rinse and pat dry without twisting the bristles.

Leave to dry but not near sources of heat.
Shake the bristles after drying so that they get their original volume back.

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