3LAB Skin care

Erica Y. Chung’s passion for creating the perfect product led her to co-found 3LAB with her husband, David Chung. Together, this dynamic husband and wife team have a combined 40+ years of experience in the beauty retail sector. With 3LAB, they set out to create the perfect anti-ageing skin care collection, and as a veteran of the cosmetic retail industry, Erica describes herself as 3LAB’s toughest customer. In creating 3LAB, Erica was searching for the perfect anti-ageing skincare line - one that would address and treat all of the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, skin tone and imperfections. It is this quest for the ultimate product range that drives Erica to work tirelessly, along with the chemists in her laboratories. The result of her hard work is a line of new and highly effective high-end skincare products containing the most innovative and technologically advanced ingredients available – such as Nano-Claire GY and apple stem cell technology. It took seven years of tireless research for 3LAB products to meet the precise standards laid down by Erica and David. Erica’s greatest joy is hearing her friends, family and customers say how 3LAB has changed their skin and their life. They gladly vouch to have found the best skincare products in the world and hence the perfect anti-ageing product.

Skin care of 3LAB