Eyelashes Make-up by ARTDECO

The vibrant Artdeco cosmetics label creates make-up collections that implement the latest trends in a ground-breaking manner and make it possible for anyone to achieve a professional result. The company’s creations invite you to try out different looks in an enjoyable and playful manner. Depending on how you feel, you can create stylish appearances using trendy cosmetic ideas, or well-cared for looks using beauty classics. Thanks to the variety of refillable product systems available, you are also being kind to the environment as well.

Irresistible eyelashes for everlasting moments

Create some unforgettable moments and put your eyelashes skilfully into the limelight using the high-quality products by Artdeco. Nothing gives your face more expression than defined eyelashes which create an impressive flutter of your eyes. With a number of professional solutions available, such as strip eyelashes or individual eyelashes, you can create a festive and irresistible eye make-up look in an instant. By using these special products, you can create dramatic “smokey eyes” and also emphasise your natural features by accentuating and backfilling individual parts of your eyelashes. The Adhesive For Permanent Lashes helps to you to fix your look in a reliable manner all week long. Eyelash combs separate your eyelashes for a neat finish, and high quality eyelash balm strengthens and boosts growth of your eyelashes too.