Nails Make-up by BABOR

Beautiful and well-maintained nails are like a personal visiting card. A regular manicure is just as important as a nourishing nail polish. BABOR knows what women expect from their nail make-up and what qualities they particularly appreciate. And so, a complete nail care line was born, the products of which work perfectly with each other to make the nails more resilient and stronger, to care for the cuticles and to guarantee a beautiful appearance. Before a nail colour is applied, an intensive, preparatory nail care programme is important. BABOR offers several products for this purpose: The Nail Treatment Oil improves the appearance of the nail with valuable oils and vitamins and also nourishes the sensitive cuticles. The Cuticle Remover removes cuticles gently. One particularly popular product for nails is BABOR’s Advanced White, which restores the radiant white tone of discoloured nails with the flick of the wrist.

Well-maintained nails – day after day

BABOR also offers various base and top-coat polishes in their nail care range; these have a nourishing and protective effect. The nails will be harder and stronger, will be beautifully glossy and will not be so prone to breakage. The top-coat will also greatly extend the life of your nail colour - and here, BABOR can offer a huge choice of shades: from delicate rose, to classy bordeaux red, to cheeky pink. There’s a colour to suit every taste.