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Skin Vivo
Beauty Vials by Biotherm

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Description by Skin Vivo Beauty Vials by Biotherm

The pure ingredient for smooth, maintained skin is already working wonders in lotions and creams. But what happens when ingredients and cosmetic care products are applied in their natural form? With Skin Vivo Beauty Vials, Biotherm is introducing a unique product that gently eliminates wrinkles and spider veins.

For gentle application

Biotherm offers its Skin Vivo Beauty Vials as part of a handy set with a suitable applicator. Simply take the cap off the vial and apply the contents delicately to your skin. Soft massaging motions encourage the skin to absorb the contents and allow them to exert their full effects on the pores. Feel the essence of beauty penetrate your skin. This is no magic potion – just a specially developed formula for stunningly good looks.

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