M4M Men's skin care by Charlotte Meentzen

Charlotte Meentzen’s M4M is a superb men’s range an. The products contain MF1 complex as well as prickly pear extract. MF1 MF1 means that this product is a true all-rounder when it comes to skincare, providing hydration, protection and soothing for the skin as well as an energy boost and anti-ageing effect.

The general condition of the skin improves and recovers due to piscidin acid, minerals, vitamins and flavonoids as well as essential amino acids. This range of skincare products is also suitable for the most sensitive and irritated skin. Wild indigo soothes irritated skin - areas of redness are visibly soothed and the skin regains its resilience.

As well as nutrients, the products also of course contain a spicy wood fragrance which - as a pleasant side-effect - gently envelops the skin in a fragrance composition of orange, mandarin, neroli, black pepper, Atlas cedar, vetiver, amber, tonka bean and musk. Woody-Spicy-Manly.