Chopard - Cašmir - Shower Gel Chopard - Cašmir - Shower Gel

Shower Gel by Chopard

150 ml

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Description by Cašmir Shower Gel by Chopard

The lather of Chopard’s Casmir Shower Gel has a pleasing feel on the skin and is both rich and soothing. Just a small quantity of shower gel is sufficient to envelop women in a beguiling fragrance that continues to work as a balm for the skin cells. This shower gel underlines the extent to which the manufacturer, Chopard, constantly strives to create new fragrances and has produced a women’s fragrance that lingers on the skin for a long time after showering.

Like bathing in nature

With the prolific use of a variety of spices and flowers, Casmir Shower Gel has a quite unique fragrance that has both a revitalising and sensuous effect. Like any good perfume, this fragrance clings to the skin and so will delight the wearer long after showering with its beguiling oriental fragrance that also holds a hint of vanilla. And like any good perfume, no bathroom should be without it.

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