Pour Femme Women's fragrances by Lacoste

LACOSTE POUR FEMME is pure spirited elegance. This scent flirts with appealing contrasts, seduces without being offensive, celebrating a love of sophistication. Authentic. Charming. Spontaneous. For the woman who is absolutely true to herself. The particular depth is the ‘velvet-skin chord’ which is reminiscent of the touch of a delicate woman’s skin. That is the secret to her radiance. She breaks convention with a laugh. She is spontaneous, emotional, impulsive. Unpredictable and little bit crazy. This woman wants her fun and enjoys it, taking nonsense from nothing and nobody. It is her show. This scent is too! The harmonic combination of floral with woody and musk-like notes develop into a statement scent of a sensual joie de vivre.