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Vibrators – sexual fulfilment at the press of a button

Ever since it was first invented by the physician Joseph Mortimer Granville towards the end of the 19th Century, the vibrator has caused a sensation. Originally developed as a form of therapy for "feminine hysteria", it is now considered the ultimate sex toy. These small, motorised companions come in just about every shape and colour. Whether they come in a natural penis shape or look more like futuristic works of art, the following types are loved by women the world over:

  • Classic vibrator: In short, a vibrating dildo. It is made to look like a penis and can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation.
  • Clitoral vibrators: Small and discreet, they stimulate the clitoris from the outside. They can be used on their own or in pairs.
  • G-spot vibrators: Their special curved design allows you to stimulate your G spot inside the vagina.
  • Pressure wave vibrator: Surrounds the clitoris and provides intense stimulation. Also available as a dual vibrator.
  • Vibration rings: These are placed over the penis and stimulate the clitoris directly as you get down to business.
  • Dual vibrators: These come in a U shape with one arm resting on the clitoris, while the other is inserted. This provides double the fun.

In short, vibrators have long since been a woman's best friend. Almost every woman owns one of these toys or has at least used one at some point in their life. It's no wonder that they help women achieve sexual independence on the one hand, and also enhance the sex life of couples on the other.

Buying a vibrator – how do I find the right one?

When it comes to ordering the right vibrator, you need to consider your personal preferences. How would you like to be stimulated? For pure clitoral enjoyment, we recommend a clitoral vibrator or a version with pressure waves. If you also want to be pleasured internally, you're best going for a classic vibrator.

The G-spot vibrator is a special toy. It is relatively slim and has a characteristic curve. This makes it very easy to reach the G spot and stimulate it in a targeted way. This kind of stimulation is described by many women as particularly intense, which is why it is well worth acquiring.

When buying a vibrator, it's important that you choose the right material. While earlier models were made of plastic, manufacturers nowadays use skin-friendly silicone. The surface is particularly smooth and warms up with the body temperature. If you also want to use your new best friend in the shower, you should make sure it is waterproof. Whether a vibrator is battery-operated or rechargeable can also be an important criterion.

How to clean your vibrator properly

Hygiene is also key when it comes to sex toys. Regardless of whether you use your vibrators externally or also internally, you should always clean them thoroughly after every use. Waterproof toys can simply be held under warm running water. Devices that are not waterproof can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Next, spray your motorised little friends with a couple of squirts of Toy Cleaner. This is a special disinfectant spray for sex toys. It won't damage the velvety soft surface of the toys but will effectively remove all types of germs. Once the toys are completely dry, you can place them back in your bedside cabinet.