Initialiste Hair care by Kérastase

With the Initialiste product range by Kérastase, men and women alike can benefit from enhanced hair care. Incorporating the latest knowledge from stem cell research, the French manufacturer delivers an exceptional concentrate for enhanced hair care and beauty that offers a tailor-made combination of nutrients and vital substances. Applied to the scalp as a serum, Initialiste quickly invigorates the scalp from the very root and strengthens the hair from scratch. The pleasant scent is a fantastic added benefit that should appeal equally to both sexes.

Kérastase hair care: simply massage in and leave to work

The effects of Initialiste can be noticed after just a few weeks and make every single hair fibre considerably stronger. As a result, hair styling is easier and the hair’s natural shine is restored, creating a healthier look. For a stronger shine, we recommend combining the product with other Kérastase hair cosmetics, which you’ll find in our online shop in various product ranges. Simply go online and benefit from super affordable prices on every order of hair and skin care products and cosmetics!