Luxe Oil SP Care by Wella

The Luxe Oil SP Care line by Wella can restructure hair and protect it by effectively sealing particularly sensitive areas. Various highly effective oils are included in the product line which are collected from all around the globe and are later processed in a quality high-end process of value creation. Among other things, the hair cosmetics use jojoba oil which acts particularly as an anti-irritant, is very amicable and is complemented by powerful argan oil. Almond oils top off the effective Luxe Oil Regime by safely sealing in the hair’s natural keratin thus ensuring long lasting and gentle suppleness.

Perfect protection, easy to comb and naturally glossy

The various SP Care Luxe Oil products serve both to strengthen, cleanse and style hair thus making all in one care a possibility. All of the products from the range shine in golden shimmering containers which don’t just look elegant but also effectively improve your bathroom - purely by just being there! Wella hair cosmetics give your hair more gloss and restructure split or broken strands, generating a healthy texture.