Clear Scalp SP Care by Wella

The SP Care Clear Scalp line from the house of Wella has two fundamental functions which are important for men and women alike: care products carefully remove dandruff and simultaneously ensure that dandruff build-up is considerably impaired in future until even being potentially prevented. In this way, scalps and hair are able to regenerate and find new vigour due to the quality high-end hair cosmetics; especially if the build-up of dandruff had previously been rather distinct. The products come in an elegant white packaging with purple contrast and may be used either individually or together as an all in one conditioning plan. h2>Farewell dandruff, healthy hair ahoy!All of the products serve to treat dandruff which is why all of the Clear Scalp Wella products should be used if the dandruff build-up is particularly potent. Shampeeling is suitable for particularly stubborn dandruff build-up on the scalp while the shampoo can be used daily. The Lotion offers complementary care and the Mask can be applied at regular intervals in order to also eliminate very stubborn dandruff and to simultaneously remove negative agents from the scalp and hair.