Sun SP Care by Wella

The sun doesn’t just take care of vitalising our bodies but rather its rays also, unfortunately, have a negative effect on the state of our skin. Not least for the scalp which suffers from excessive sun exposure in the summer or hair which bleaches out over the years. With its SP Care line, Wella offers specialist products ranging from hair care to cosmetics which, in the sub-range Sun, tackle the problem of sun overexposure. Both before sunbathing as well as afterwards, Sun hair cosmetics can be applied.

Protect scalps and hair from the sun with Wella SP Care

For essential protection for your head, apply shampoo and conditioner from this Wella product range which includes an additional layer of protection for your hair. Those who want to put their trust in the high-end hair cosmetics of the brand manufacturer can protect themselves against the sun’s UV rays with a spray from the Sun product line. A Fluid is even on offer for the post treatment of your hair and offers appropriate hair care for every situation with the help of other care products in the SP Care line.