Cosmetics, Fragrances and Skin care of Payot

The Payot brand has existed in Paris since 1927. Since then, the company has been specialising in th… Learn more!

Did you know?

Medical care is virtually in Payot’s roots. The brand was brought to life in 1927 by Dr. Nadia Payot. This made the doctor a revolutionary and pioneer as she was one of the few physicians who placed their trust in natural cosmetics and high-quality spa culture. She used this trust to create a brand, in her own name, which is now sold around the world and whose headquarters remain in Paris.

French care with medical approaches

Payot skin care uses only active ingredients of natural origin; minerals and plants are the foundations of the beauty products. Thanks to the latest research techniques, the highest quality can always be strived for when working with these basic active ingredients. Tolerability and safety are, according to the company itself, important aspects that were also taken into account when producing Payot Sensi Expert. The skin care range is tailored to people with sensitive and easily irritated skin. Payot Sensi Expert comprises several products, all of which are produced without alcohol, without artificial colours, without perfume, and without parabens. This means that they irritate the skin as little as possible but nourish it as intensively as necessary.

Other product ranges from the French brand

The Payot range Pate Grise is also very popular. This range effectively conceals imperfections, pimples, redness, and inflammation. The products are ideal to use to complement day cream and cleanser. Payot Pate Grise creates an even, healthy, and youthful complexion, with unattractive pimples concealed naturally and efficiently.