Polo Red Men's fragrances by Ralph Lauren

The Polo Red line from Ralph Lauren was designed for men and is issued with identical fragrance accords as a fragrance of the same name and in the form of spin-off products including a Hair and Body Wash, among others. As with all men’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren, Polo Red is a highly compatible, light scent that can be worn at any time of day or year. From an evening party to a family meal to an everyday business setting, the fragrance can be worn at any time. The light formula reflects American authenticity and classic style.

Sporty fragrance in the red flaçon

This Ralph Lauren perfume comes in a bright red flaçon, which features the brand’s distinct logo: the polo player. The top note of the perfume features a combination of red grapefruit, cranberry and Italian lemon. The heart note is made up of red sage, red saffron and the bewitching scent of lavender. Finally, the base of the “red fragrance” contains coffee berry, warm amber and red woods. Like the flaçon, too, the scent is chiefly marked by the colour red. It was brought to market in 2013 and designed by perfumer Oliver Gillotin.