Eau Rochas Homme Men's fragrances by Rochas

Men’s fragrances like the Eau Rochas Homme perfume possess a masculine radiance. Our collection comprises countless items from the Rochas brand which contain the fragrance of the same name. No matter which product you go for: this Rochas product range has enjoyed incomparable success worldwide. The many various items are absolutely indispensable in any man’s bathroom nowadays.

Varied range with masculine radiance

Men’s fragrances like the Eau Rochas Homme perfume have drawn men under their spell across the globe. The success of the perfume has brought many other products after it which are based on the same fragrance. This is composed of essences of lime, mandarin, lemon and bergamot. With delicate hints of coriander, freesia, jasmine, wild rose and lily, the empathetic characteristics of the modern man are highlighted. Vetiver, amber and cedar wood create a dominant undertone that symbolises the strength of the male gender.