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Gift Set by Shiseido

Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream 30 ml + Quick Gentle Cleanser 30 ml / 1 Stk.

BP: €15.95* / 1 pcs. Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream 30 ml + Quick Gentle Cleanser 30 ml / 1 Stk.

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Description by WASO Gift Set by Shiseido

With the gentle WASO gift set from Shiseido, even sensitive skin can get intensive treatment. The set provides 24 hours of face care and cleansing power and gives skin a hydrated, healthy look.

WASO gift set from Shiseido – the products

The transparent Clear-Mega-Hydrating Cream is an exceptional gel cream that provides 24 hours of optimal hydration and relieves dryness. The ingredients were inspired by the Japanese tradition of Washoku. Furthermore, the facial cream is enriched with the PhytoResist System+. The active ingredients stimulate the skin's natural powers, have a cushioning and nourishing effect and ensure suppleness that lasts all day long. The relaxing fragrance also helps to alleviate signs of fatigue and boosts concentration, motivation and energy. Thanks to its gentle formula, this moisturiser is also ideal for sensitive skin. The Quick Gentle Cleanser is an exceptional cleanser containing honey and royal jelly, which is also suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its gentle formulation. It gently removes impurities and make-up without stripping moisture from the skin. The cleanser is also enriched with natural ingredients and the PhytoResist System+, which ensure healthy-looking skin. For the benefit of your skin, the formula does not contain oil, alcohol or soap.

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