Eyes Skin care by Tana

Tana Cosmetics has impressed for almost 80 years with its premium and innovative care and make-up products that actively enhance the area around your eyes. Beautifying and maintaining healthy eyelashes and eyebrows are what this range of products focuses on.

Tana-Cosmetics - your label for a beautifully radiant eye area

With the Sleep Mask, you can enjoy a relaxing sleep in any situation - such as on long-haul flights. Your eye area is then able to recover, looking refreshed and soothed. The Balsam Roll-On offers intensive care for your eyelashes and eyebrows thanks to the use of natural bees wax. You can choose between the dark or transparent version. The Eye Pads provide you with a real secret weapon to help combat tired or irritated eyes. All you have to do is immerse the Pads briefly in hot water to activate them. All the Pads require is a relaxing break of just 10 minutes in order for their therapeutic effect to take hold. A thorough removal of make-up is an absolute "must" before your evening care routine. The Make-Up Removal Pads for Face and Body from the Egypt Wonder range of cosmetic products allow you to remove even liquid cosmetic products gently and easily.