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Urtekram – vegan natural cosmetics from Denmark

Vegan, up to 99% natural and they even have plant-based packaging? That’s what you get with Urtekram, the Danish natural cosmetics brand with a pioneering spirit and passion. The certified skincare andhaircare range contains lots of Nordic herbs that deploy their nourishing and beneficial effects in shampoo, cream and other products. And Urtekram goes way beyond this. Enjoy Danish hair and skincare and over 50 years of expertise in natural cosmetics.

Urtekram – Nordic Beauty since 1972

In the 1970s, organic cosmetics and sustainability were not yet a topic. Nevertheless, Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail founded their grocery shop in the centre of Copenhagen in 1972. Under the name “Urtekraemmer”, the pair sold their first environmentally friendly products and became trailblazers for eco-conscious lifestyles. Today, Urtekram produces their range exclusively in the Danish location of Mariager. The label has now developed into the largest eco company in Scandinavia.

Whether it’s shampoo or face creams, soap or body lotion: Urtekram relies on raw materials that are mostly grown organically. The entire range carries the vegan label, as well as the Ecocert Cosmos Organic certification. This means: At least 95% of the raw ingredients used must come from organic sources – you can't get more natural than that in cosmetics. It goes without saying that testing on animals is strictly avoided, as is the use of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils or silicone. According to the certification, this would not be allowed at all.

The label only puts into the tube what is good for people and the environment. Urtekram even goes one step further when it comes to the packaging of haircare and cosmetics. 85% of the products are already packaged in plant-based tubes and bottles. They are made of sugar cane waste. They can easily be recycled as plastic yet consume less oil during production. By the way: The name Urtekram means "herbal embrace” – sounds promising, doesn't it?

Urtekram haircare and cosmetics send a little Nordic love to your home

Urtekram shows its natural side in every way. That’s why all products bear the name of the main ingredient used. The label is also characterised by the following factors:

  • For all types: Whether you have dry hair, impure skin or highlights in need of repair – Urtekram has the plant-based solution for every challenge in its range.
  • For teeth too: Special toothpastes without fluoride, but with the concentrated power of mint and green tea, support you in your daily dental care.
  • Natural preservation: So that you can enjoy your Urtekram products for a long time, they are preserved in a plant-based way. This increases durability without compromising on naturalness.
  • Balanced formulation: Even if some water-based products contain plant-based alcohol, the nourishing effect of moisturising aloe vera or organic oils always outweighs this.
  • Full transparency: Urtekram specifically labels the proportion of organic ingredients on the packaging. Look out for the extra box under the INCI list.

But organic cosmetics are boring, aren’t they? Urtekram has proven the opposite. The stylish design will look great on any bathroom shelf.

Shop Urtekram online and discover Danish beauty secrets

Environmental protection and ecological production define our zeitgeist. Urtekram is rethinking both aspects. Discover the colourful range from the Danish pioneers at parfumdreams. Shop a large selection of plant-based cosmetics for skin, hair and teeth, and enjoy affordable prices. Get your favourites delivered to your door and enjoy the good feeling of vegan and organic beauty care.