Sun Professionals Care by Wella

The Sun care range by Wella Professionals Care protects hair against intensive UV rays, provides important moisture and also removes damaging essences which can quickly get into hair on holiday or during summer in general. Among other things, the hair cosmetics remove chlorine residue from water, for example, but also suntan lotion or other care products. The protective formula lays an invisible layer over the hair fibres which protects against intensive UVA and UVB rays. Otherwise, hairs can break while the scalps can even begin to flake. Therefore, especially in summer, effective care should be given special attention.

Enjoying summer to the fullest with Wella

The Professionals Care Sun care range consists of a sun protection spray and a sun protection cream which were designed specifically for strong hair. These products protect hair against heat and excessive exposure while the shampoo and the conditioner easily remove any residue. The Hydrator provides hair and scalps with important moisture so that they can constantly regenerate and vitalise independently. Thus hair can withstand hot temperatures without getting damaged!