Time To Treat Facial care by Ahava

Time to Treat: Relaxation for sensitive skin

With the face care range Time to Treat Ahava launches a a new line for sensitive skin. The causes for sensitive skin are vast. This skincare range successfully tackles skin irritations and redness. The face care line contains a concentrate with active ingredients from the Dead Sea. The high salt content and the composition of the mud from the bottom of the sea have been used in the treatment of skin conditions for a very long time and have proven to be veryeffective. With regular use these natural ingredients clear the skin and restore a blemish-free complexion. Your skin looks fresher and younger as skin cells are revitalised.

Peeling and Nourishing

The face care rangeTime to Treat from Ahava is based on two products: The hypoallergenic fruit acid peeling removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. The result is beautiful and smooth skin. With the Comforting Cream you are calming the skin and ensure it gets plenty of moisture. The face cream from Ahava is enriched with a Phyto Dermud Complex. It reduces redness, soothes skin irritation and strengthens the skin’s natural defences.