SeaCreation Facial care by BABOR

BABOR Professional offers highly effective anti-aging in facial care in a very special way with the SeaCreation nourishing skincare range. Using the thermoactive microorganism "Thermophilus", the protein "Glycocéane GP3" from microorganisms from the Antarctic Ocean and the "Green Caviar Algae Extract", BABOR has mobilised three treasures from the depths of the sea for anti-aging treatments. The cosmetic products in the SeaCreation anti-aging facial care range release pure beautifying energy, ensure the freeing of the skin cells from stress and free radicals, and provide protection for the cells against aging of the skin and for the optimisation of the skin function. In addition, they reverse already existing signs of aging, visibly and tangibly.

Anti-aging facial care with the treasures of the sea

The fine and exclusive SeaCreation anti-aging skincare series from BABOR combines the active agent Thermophilus and the Glycocéane GP3 protein, and also contains extracts from the "Caulerpa lentillifera" algae (green caviar). These three ingredients, known collectively as “Sea-telligent Complex”, are three true treasures in anti-aging care. They each have their own special properties.

* "Thermophilus":
This microorganism from the depths of the Guaymas Bay is the Protector of Youth because it optimises the skin’s own protective system as well as cell regeneration, and protects from the effects of stress and free radicals.The skin will be re-energised and appears full of life, glowing and rosy-fresh.

* " Glycocéane GP3":
This protein, extracted from microorganisms from the Antarctic Ocean, is highly effective for the stimulation of the growth of fibrocytes and keratinocytes. Cell renewal is activated and accelerated, collagen is built up and the connective tissue is strengthened. The depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced and the skin is firmed.

* "Green Caviar Algae Extract":
The algae extract from the Caulerpa lentillifera stimulated the production of Laminin-5 and collagen-IV. This means that the epidermis will be nourished more effectively and cell communication is optimised. As a result, the contours of the face are more defined and skin elasticity is improved.

The SeaCreation facial care series contains other anti-aging components in addition to this special “Sea-telligent Complex, components such as valuable proteins, fine plants extracts and cocktails of nutrient-rich natural oils, which all have an additional rejuvenating effect on the skin.