Clive Christian - L for Men - Eau de Parfum Spray Clive Christian - L for Men - Eau de Parfum Spray

L for Men
Eau de Parfum Spray by Clive Christian

50 ml

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Description by L for Men Eau de Parfum Spray by Clive Christian

Clive Christian is one of those people who create breathtaking creations and redefine the boundaries by cloaking them in luxury. For Clive, it’s not about the every day, it’s not about day-to-day commodities which change according to the latest fashion and become ultimately disposable. As one of the best and most sought-after interior designers in Britain, Clive Christian has fully committed himself to the quest for beauty - he wants to emphasise the unique, unadulterated. His latest fragrance creation, the

Eau de Parfum spray L for Men, is a fragrance

for men, which refuses to settle for mediocrity. With an artistic flair. For the famous perfumer, creating a new fragrance is no less an artistic act than painting a picture or composing a song. For him, it’s not about day-to-day scents because he creates unparalleled fragrances, sensuous perfume masterpieces. For Clive Christian, content and form are a perfectly harmonious, coherent whole, where every aspect must succeed perfectly and nothing but the best is acceptable. He only releases his fragrances, for example the men’s fragrance L for Men, when he is completely convinced that they are of superior quality. This fragrance creation is no run-of-the-mill men’s fragrance; it’s a fragrance for every man who knows what he’s worth and wants to highlight that with a unique Eau de Parfum spray. A painstakingly formed creation. The lead crystal flaçon beneath the characteristic crown is handcrafted, as sumptuous and fine as the L for Men Eau de Parfum spray. Only the choicest ingredients of the highest quality are considered for this exquisite fragrance, such as precious agar wood, wonderfully aromatic pine balsam, a touch of musk, Atlas cedar, vetiver, petit grain and the mighty scent of the very queen of fragrances herself - rose. Grapefruit adds a thrilling, fresh accent.

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