Eyeshadow brush Gold by Da Vinci

When applying make-up, a colourful eyelid is an indispensable key component for many women. Applying colour is particularly easy with a high-quality Eyelid Brush from Da Vinci, with the Nuremberg quality brand offering particularly elegant varieties of its high-quality brushes in the Gold Edition. In order to be able to work with the right accessories for every step of applying your make-up Da Vinci offers countless brush options which are made of synthetic fibres or marten hair and ensure you realise your make-up dreams with perfection.

Make applying make-up easier with Da Vinci Gold

As well as the top-grade quality of the bristles, the Eyelid Brushes and other items from the Gold Edition are notable for their exquisite appearance. The gold effect makes the brush itself a real eye-catcher and will be a welcome companion for women on special occasions, helping to freshen up eyelids and other cosmetics. Of course, Da Vinci’s exciting product ranges include other items alongside the Eyelid Brush which are all available in our Online Shop. Now you too can take advantage of the good value and make applying your make-up even easier!