Lip brush Gold by Da Vinci

Applying lip gloss and similar cosmetics is even easier with a special Lip Brush. As an internationally-renowned brand, Da Vinci offers a variety of accessories for an attractive make-up look an in its Gold Edition has put its faith in countless brushes in particularly attractive finishes. The Lip Brush in this product range is made of real red marten hair which has a long life expectancy and ensures even application of make-up on any pair of lips thanks to its tight and fine structure.

Make every make-up look even more eye catching with Da Vinci Gold

As well as the handy shape of all of Da Vinci’s brushes and a long life expectancy, the Gold product range is distinguished by its classic and extravagant appearance. Thanks to the gold effect, the Lip Brush and other accessories in the range are used in professional cosmetics studios and the brush is also a popular companion for all ladies for special occasions. The same also goes for other quality brushes, of course, which can be used at home or on the go to freshen up make-up. Our Online Shop invites you into this world and offers Da Vinci’s high-quality brushes at an attractive price.