Powder and blusher brush Gold by Da Vinci

Applying powder and rouge is an indispensable base for many women who want an attractive make-up look and wraps the face up in even colour. The German Da Vinci brand is familiar with the desire for uncomplicated application of make-up and in its Gold Edition offers various Powder/Rouge Brushes which will make applying make-up easier. Natural bristles made of marten or goat hair make very precise application possible, and moreover, all Powder/Rouge Brushes from Da Vinci are valued for their long life expectancy .

First-class brushes from Da Vinci in the Gold Edition

All cosmetics brushes from Da Vinci’s Gold range are used in the world of professional make-up artists and are the perfect companion for a variety of occasions thanks to their classy design. Whilst a Powder/Rouge Brush represent the base for a perfect make-up look, you can use other brushes from the Nuremberg-based manufacture to specifically highlight other areas of the face of achieve a generally attractive complexion. Our Online Shop offers the full range of Da Vinci brushes and accessories and allows you to place a good-value order!