Eyelashes Professional by Da Vinci

The Professional range by Da Vinci is perfect for eyelashes

At its Nuremberg headquarters, Da Vinci has spend more than two decades creating high-quality brushes. Materials used for the brushes include soft woof, high-quality plastic and the finest natural hairs and bristles. The company meticulously inspects every step in the production so that you get only the highest quality. The Professional range is also a very good reflection of the company’s collaboration with professionals from the make-up industry. This is because these brushes and combs were produced according to their specifications.

For example, the shafts of the brushes and sponges from the Professional range have a specifically developed grip section that is slightly flatter. This means the shaft sits more securely in your hand and won’t roll about. They are also well-balanced and are equally suitable for shaping, brushing and colouring your lashes. Of course, you can also remove excess mascara with ease using the fine brushes from Da Vinci if you decide there’s a bit too much there.