Cool Water Woman Women's fragrances by Davidoff

An explosion of shimmering fresh aromas of lemon, quince, blackcurrant, pineapple and honey melon, further enlivened by an aquatic bouquet of lotus blossoms and water lilies. A sparkling, fruity fresh mix which quickly develops into a joyful wave of happiness that then slowly ebbs away. Cool Water Woman is a journey across endless oceans, or a dive into the unknown, full of incredible imagery. Modern and sensually seductive - a journey to the end of the world. Let the ocean waves make you drift to enchanted bays. Once tried and you’ll be hooked forever! The flaçon picks up the aquatic theme as well and with its crystal-blue glass is reminiscent of a drop of water in azure-blue. Its silver cap rounds off the overall experience. The fragrance of the wide ocean - Cool Water Woman - an attractive fragrance for the modern, sensual woman who lives in the here and now.