Cool Water Woman Sensual Essence Women's fragrances by Davidoff

Cool Water Women Sensual Essence - the perfect perfume for HER

It’s been a long time since Davidoff stood only for cigar brands or the creator of men’s perfumes. The fragrances for women from Davidoff are gathering new fans every day all over the world. The brand is synonymous with a certain feeling, regardless of small or larger luxuries, it is equally suitable for special and more mundane occasions. After all, we all deserve a little luxury every day, luxury that can be had with this fragrance for instance. What’s more, with this ladies’ fragrance the brand has proven that there is no need for an endless list of aromas in order to create an effect. In addition to the Cool Water Women Sensual Essence line there are besides the perfume also other skin care products such as a body lotion and a shower gel. All of them work their magic thanks to bergamot, red fruits, frangipani, orchids, vanilla, musk and fine timbers. Just like any other ladies’ fragrance from Davidoff Cool Water Women Sensual Essence also emphasises sensual femininitywithout loosing its lightness. On the contrary, the perfume can be worn on carefree summer’s days and is fantastic companion for the winter as well.