Body Fitness by Declaré

/The market for men’s cosmetics which is in the process of estabishing itself is now being revolutio… Learn more

Body Fitness Men's skin care by Declaré

Exclusive men’s beauty products from Declaré - Body Fitness

/The market for men’s cosmetics which is in the process of estabishing itself is now being revolutionised by Declaré: With Body Fitnessthe cosmetics manufacturer has developed a beauty care programme that is tailored for grooming the male body. An extra freshness kick ensures that body lotion, gel, deodorant and body spray produce perfect skin and the desired feel-good factor. The body lotion, enriched with panthenol, was specially developed in order to provide skin with intensive moisturisation and to rehydrate the moisture depots. It is ultra-easy to spread and is rapidly absorbed by the skin. Well-balanced moisturisation substances, panthenol and precious lipids as the main ingredients of the Body Fitness Body Lotion makes your skin feel lastingly good. For the gentle but effective cleansing of the skin Declaré has developed a refreshing and revitalising cleansing gel to complement the product, which also prevents spots. Simply apply it to wet skin, massage in and then rinse off. The non-alkaline pH-neutral formula with rehydrating proteins rids pores off sebum deposits and lets you start your day refreshed. Enriched with ingredients that don’t irritate skin the deodorant protects the skin and gives you feel-fresh security all day long. As vitalising and refreshing as the deodorant is also the body spray, giving the male body renewed energy. Dermatological tests have proven that even sensitive skin can safely enjoy the moisture kick and the tingly-active feeling of this body spray. The non-sticky formula is particularly light and wakes up the skin with caffeine, menthol, corum and glycerine. To achieve the perfect male grooming simply spray the body spray evenly across your whole body, and if you like, rub in briefly thereafter.