Io myself Men's fragrances by Etro

Faraway places and their secrets have always had a huge draw on us humans and have fuelled our fantasies. The Orient, in particular, has fascinated from the beginning of time with its exotic flair, its history and its promises of adventure. Now, with Io myself, Etro has dedicated a perfume to this longing and adventure,a perfume which expresses both perfectly and is already well on the way to becoming a classic amongst men’s fragrances.


Etro label is not known for its men’s fragrances

but the company’s special mastery is perfectly clear here. Io myself belongs to that type of perfume that will stay in the memory for years, that awakes a memory and brings a smile to the lips. The woody, oriental men’s fragrance reminds of a campfire under a desert moon. The flickering flames transform the faces of the men and women who sit around the fire and make them seem mysterious, as if they all came from age-old sagas. Above, the velvety black sky stretches on forever. Close by your side sits the most mysterious woman you have ever met, her eyes as dark as the night sky. Ingredients such as Turkish rose, saffron and papyrus, which could all come from the Tales of 1001 Nights, as well as bergamot, lemon, spicy cypress bark and soft mandarine, combine to make a perfume that will enchant all your senses. Curious? Get to know the other men’s fragrances from Etro, too.