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BOSS Bottled
Eau de Parfum Spray Oud by Hugo Boss

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Description by BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum Spray Oud by Hugo Boss

The Eau de Parfum Spray Oud from the BOSS BOTTLED series by HUGO BOSS charmingly approaches the mystical, oriental magic of ancient Egypt. In various legends, it is said that the fabled ruler Cleopatra used the scent oud to bewitch the senses. The HUGO BOSS brand has rediscovered this distinctive fragrance with an erotic aura for the BOSS BOTTLED product range. The Eau de Parfum spray provides a particularly long-lasting and intensive fragrance experience, so you can enjoy the masculine fragrance in everyday life for a particularly long time.

A special fragrance for men full of mystery, elegance and masculine freshness

The Eau de Parfum Spray Oud is not only inspiring with its intense, pleasant fragrance, but also with its bottle that typically reflects the BOSS BOTTLED range by HUGO BOSS. After all, a sophisticated product should also be stored in aesthetically pleasing packaging. The masculine and slightly woody scent mixture is a modern interpretation of classic oriental fragrances. On a base note of oud, cypriol and sandalwood, spices such as cinnamon, saffron, clove and labdanum unfold in the heart note. In the top note, strong citrus scents, apple and plum aromas unfurl, adding a pleasant freshness to the fragrance mixture. This elegant men’s fragrance is therefore not only suitable for work and everyday life, but also for thrilling party nights.

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