Perform Lift Skin care by Payot

The Perform Lift Care Line by the French Payot Paris Cosmetic online brand is an effective innovating lifting care product, which tightens and smooths the age-related negatively remodelled facial skin, as well as giving it new elasticity and positively remodelling it. The main focus of this care line is on a newly developed complex, which is composed of an Acti-Lift-Complex, an active agent combination of wakame extract, regenerating peptides and hyaluron acid.

Effect of the innovative composition:

The Acti-Lift-Complex acts on all the skin layers, thus smoothing the skin and giving it a longer-lasting tightness. The wakame extract restructures the extracellular matrix, by stimulating the production of elastic fibres whose quality and composition improves. The regenerating peptides strengthen the connection between the dermis and epidermis. The ultra-high molecular and strongly networked hyaluron acid pads out the skin, as well as smoothing and tightening the skin surface. This care series gives the facial skin increased density, elasticity, fresh radiance, restored weight volume and vital facial traits.

Care products in this series by Payot Paris:

The assortment in this series by Payot Cosmetic online comprises an extensive product range, specifically coordinated to meet the skin’s needs. * Perform Lift Jour: Is a lifting, firming care product as a day cream for face and neck.* Perform Lift Intense: Is a skin-densifying restructuring care product and day cream for all skin types.* Perform Sculpt Nuit: The night cream is a liposculpting, firming cream for face and skin.* Perform Sculpt Roll-On: Is a care gel for remodelling the face, neck and décolleté.* Perform Lift Regard: Is an effective lifting care product for the eye contours and combats dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet and tear sacs.* Perform Lift Patch Yeux: Is a highly effective care product that instantly combats fatigued areas around the eyes.* Perform Sculpt Masque: Constitutes a liposculpting, firming cream mask with instant lifting effect. As a complement to this care series, Payot Kosmetik online recommends the Élixir Jeunesse, an anti-ageing serum with antioxidants, which has a positive effect on both cell generation and skin tissue.