White Musk Women's fragrances by Alyssa Ashley

Sensual, fresh, floral – introducing Alyssa Ashley White Musk. Women’s fragrances perfect for young, confident ladies in the prime of their lives looking to highlight their unique, feminine style. From the Shower Gel and Body Lotion to the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum – a fresh, fragrantand subtly exotic note unlike any other. With a beguiling base note of musk, patchouli and vanilla, Alyssa Ashley lends this fragrance a gentle yet sensual depth. Flowery chords – jasmine, lily of the valley, violet and roses – leave your body feeling elegant and light as air. Bergamot, paprika and ylang-ylang form the peppy-fresh, seductively cool top note.Alyssa Ashley –

a different scent to suit every occasion

, care and freshness for an all-round successful day. The milky soft Body Lotion is fast-absorbing, the flowery, sensual note of the fragrance enveloping the skin. Its rich yet light texture provides gentle, long-lasting nourishment. The Eau de Toilette – a peppy, flirtatious companion throughout the day. The soft, flowery formula of the perfume – a sensual fragrance experience full of nuances. White Musk women’s fragrances accentuate their feminine charm and individuality. A scent of freshness and well-being.