Shaving care The Grooming Collection by Atkinsons

The shaving care products from the Atkinsons Grooming Collection series are modern shaving cosmetics for men who put value on their care routines and who want to want to pamper their skin during and after shaving with the best products possible. The Grooming Collection comprises various products, which are all produced according to the highest standards from the finest of raw ingredients, offering maximum care for skin that is stressed by the process of shaving. Because of many years of experience in the perfumes and cosmetics industry, Atkinsons can offer products that are perfectly suited to the needs of men’s skin. The roots of the company reach back into the 18th century. Shaving care products from Atkinsons are made with specially selected ingredients from all over the world. They prepare the skin optimally before shaving and ensure that shaving can be done smoothly.

Perfectly cared for – before, during and after shaving

The Grooming Collection has everything that the man needs to have a pleasurable shaving experience. These products that are designed specially for men’s skin include, for example, a fine shaving cream that prepares the skin and beard perfectly for the shaving process. Beard & Moustache Salve is designed for the care of moustaches and beards after shaving. The product provides the beard hair with an intensive shine and tames even the most stubborn hair. It is not greasy and eases the itch that can develop when the beard hairs grow longer. The Pre and After Shave Balm from Atkinson not only prepares the skin perfectly for shaving but also pampers it intensively and protects from skin irritation.