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Even more beautiful today than yesterday. With this motto, BABOR Professional presents the new “ReVe… Learn more
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Reversive Facial care by BABOR

Even more beautiful today than yesterday. With this motto, BABOR Professional presents the new “ReVersive” anti-aging series with its spectacular, innovative facial care cosmetics. The goals of this anti-aging series are to maintain the natural beauty, to remove any flaws, to ensure a fresh glow and a more youthful, smoother skin, and to combat the signs of premature aging. The ReVersive products achieve this with the help of the innovative Re-Youth Complex contained in them. The skin will appear firmer, smoother, more even, silky soft, will get back its natural radiance and will glow with youthful vitality. The "ReVersive" anti-aging line is the successor to BABOR’s "HSR de Luxe" lifting series.

Just like turning back the clock - the ReVersive Re-Youth Complex

The "Re-Youth Complex" contained in all products of the BABOR ReVersive anti-aging range comprises the active ingredients Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl and Lumicol, which act together in synergy and unfold their effects within the skin. The cell-protective substance Telovitin, which is based on Nobel Prize research, ensures that the cells stay younger for longer and are protected from premature breakdown. Agicyl activates protection from aging in the skin. Skin-aging factors such as toxins in the environment, free radicals and glycation are halted, whilst the SIRT-1 longevity gene is activated, helping the cells to stay younger for longer. Lumicol is responsible for an even complexion as well as a revitalised glow on the skin. Finally, the active agent Epocyl ensures that the skin is smoother, with immediate effect. Its structure means that Epocyl sits on the surface of the skin, filling wrinkles and unevenness with visible results.

We can’t turn back time but we can correct the effects that time has on your skin. With the anti-aging sensations of the BABOR ReVersive facial cosmetic range, products such as the 4-week intensive care “ReVersive Anti-Aging Dual Serum” boost your skin’s unique beauty potential and works in harmony with the natural renewal cycle of the skin.