EAUDEMOISELLE Women's fragrances by GIVENCHY

As a new fragrance, Givenchy present eaudemoiselle de Givenchy, a floral Eau de Toilette, interpreted in “Couture” style and steeped in the symbolism of aristocratic values which mark the brand out. Somewhere between traditional and modern, eaudemoiselle de Givenchy is aimed at young women who stand out with their subtle sensuality and strong personality - just like this very personal fragrance - whose freshness alone possesses the same presence as a perfume. From its aristocratic roots, the perfume inherited a natural elegance and has a self-awareness which stems from its distinguished origins, driven on by a striving for perfection. But it is nevertheless young, feminine, in touch with the times and has rejected the strict code of its class to satisfy the urge for its own individuality. Its charming manner is in opposition to its inner strength which gives it airiness and self-confidence, distancing itself from societal norms and standing by its decisions.