Hommage à l'Homme Men's fragrances by Lalique

It doesn’t matter whether you use the fragrance, Eau de Toilette Spray, Shower Gel or Deodorant: the scent of the Hommage à l'Homme fragrance is contained in all of the products in our range. Men’s fragrances by Lalique have established themselves throughout the world, impressing with their timeless design. Our range includes this unique fragrance by Lalique in many different versions, enriching your everyday life with an aromatic experience that beguiles the senses.

Appealing men’s fragrances for everyday use

It doesn’t matter whether you use it in your leisure time, at work or for a special event: with Hommage à l'Homme, a fragrance has been created that can be worn in any situation. The overture of the fragrance features essences of violet leaves, saffron and bergamot. Hints of black pepper and pimento leaves help create a really interesting aroma. Light touches of oud, musk and rock rose help create an aromatic experience for the senses that invites you to relax and unwind.