Hommage à l'Homme Voyageur Men's fragrances by Lalique

The Hommage á l'Homme Voyageur range from the House of Lalique consists of two products in total: a premium Eau de Toilette Spray and matching Shower Gel. The fragrance in this range comes in a delightfully designed flaçon that has an almost hypnotic effect thanks to its creative structure. While the flaçon is wonderfully radiant in a bold blue colour, the cap and embossing on the front come in a pure and radiant silver colour. The flaçon is available in 50 ml or 100 ml versions. The Shower Gel exudes the same men’s fragrances and comes in a practical and really economical 150 ml tube in black.

A fresh creation for men

The men’s fragrances in the Hommage á l'Homme Voyageur range have a really fresh and vivid effect that is even somewhat mysterious too. Cardamom works together with zesty bergamot in the top note, ensuring an impressive overture after the first few sprays. The heart of the fragrance sees the combination of a trio of ingredients; here mystical papyrus meets patchouli and an incisive frame of vetiver. The perfumers at Lalique also rely on a trio of ingredients in the base; in this particular case, primarily natural chords are achieved by combining moss with amber and luxurious vanilla. The men’s fragrances develop exciting and particularly animating lives of their own at every stage.

Luxurious fragrance from France

The Hommage á l'Homme Voyageur fragrance from the House of Lalique is a true all-rounder that will perform well for any occasion or event. But that’s not all; indeed, the Shower Gel in this range also knows how to impress too. By making use of the same men’s fragrances, it is also the perfect choice for combining with the Eau de Toilette Spray. At the same time, it gently removes dirt and sweat from your skin whilst also gently moisturising your skin a little too.