Definition & Structure Styling by Redken

Redken 5th Avenue New York endeavours to be as innovative at the American metropolis. Accordingly, high-quality hair cosmetic for creative styling is a must. The Definition & Structure Line tackles this topic with differentiated formulas, which are also used by salon professionals. The styling products differ in their texture, the optical effect on the hair and the achieved hold.

The appropriate Redken equipment for the individual look

For example, the Definition & Structure Product Line portfolio includes Cream Wax, Spray Wax, Modelling Paste and Styling Gel. When making the appropriate decision for a product in the Redken Hair Cosmetic Series, preferences such as matt or shiny optic, as well as the degree of the desired control of the hair, play a role. Customers can easily see that from the numbers assigned to all finishing equipment. Product numbers between 1 and 26 provide information on whether a mild, medium or maximum control factor is involved. Here, the law of logic applies: The higher the number, the stronger the defining and structuring potential.