Revlon Professional - Nutri Color Creme - 740 Copper Revlon Professional - Nutri Color Creme - 740 Copper
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Description by Nutri Color Creme 740 Copper by Revlon Professional

With Nutri Color Creme, Revlon Professional offers a product in particular for colour treated hair that gives a boost of freshness or a new accentuation. The range, which enchants with natural tones, includes the nuance 740 Copper. This tone is luminous and vibrant with an Irish feistiness that suits women with confident personalities. The special treatment is used after washing the hair and is worked into the hair while it is still damp.

An invigorating all-rounder for specially treating coloured hair

After leaving the product in for three minutes, the hair treatment in the nuance 740 Copper is rinsed out of the hair. The formulation of the treatment combines three objectives. Nourishing substances provide moisture and give the hair a glamorous sheen. Colour pigments intensify the colouration which in turn makes the colour look like it is brand new. In addition, this product may be used to create effects which give the original hair colour new character. Nutri Color Creme is available in an array of nuances which rance from subtle to intense. For instance, the hair treatment is also available in a copper gold which reminds of the midday sun in Venice. The product range by Revlon Professional is used in discriminating salons. A white base product is also available to mix your very own colour to highlight your own unique look.

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