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Sternfeeling Organza by Village

Orange-Zimt / 1 Stk.

BP: €2.62* / 1 pcs. Orange-Zimt / 1 Stk.

Rose / 1 Stk.

BP: €2.62* / 1 pcs. Rose / 1 Stk.

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Description by Bath soaps Sternfeeling Organza by Village

A wellness experience in your bathtub at home with Sternfeeling Organza

This body care product by Village is beautifully designed, special, premium and natural, and is quite simply the perfect choice for anyone looking for something truly exceptional. The wonderful design and environmentally friendly packaging as well as the attractive prices offered by Village speak volumes. However, the packaging and prices will soon be a distant memory when it comes to the Sternfeeling Organza. Available in orange-cinnamon and rose, these star-shaped bath products ensure a truly unbelievable aroma in the bath. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of anticipation for Christmas to your wellness oasis with the orange-cinnamon version, or use the rose version to create the smell of winter, this body care product will impress you. Cocoa butter and olive oil pamper your skin, supplying it with essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients whilst allowing wonderful scents to develop. Enjoy a creamy bath that is not oily with the wonderfully beautiful Sternfeeling Organza by Village. These wonderfully beautiful bath stars are of course the perfect choice as a small gift too.

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