Essential Care Facial care by BABOR

BABOR Professional has replaced the Basic Care line with the Essential Care facial care line. But the new cosmetics in the Essential Care series also supply the skin with the basic active ingredients and provide you with a nourished appearance. Even the most naturally uncomplicated skin is exposed to environmental influences such as vehicle emissions, air-conditioned rooms, frequently changing weather conditions, etc., which can overstrain the skin. Every skin wants to be pampered. With the BABOR 24-hour care formula, your skin is supplied with important active agents, protected and nourished right around the clock.

Essential Care - the uncomplicated 24-hour care for every type of skin

Within the Essential Care facial care range, BABOR developed a special basic cosmetic for the most common types of skin. The "Lipid Balance Cream" is a rich, essential facial cream for dry skin, the "Moisturizing Cream" is a light gel-type cream for combination skin and oily skin, and the "Sensitive Cream" is a soothing cream for sensitive skin. The collection’s “Moisture Serum” offers all skin types – but especially dry skin – an intensive active agent concentrate. It provides intensive hydration and contains aloe vera and extract of black oat, for example. Fine lines caused by dryness will be smoothed.

Every care product in the Essential Care facial care line provides each skin type with exactly the basic care it needs, thanks to high-quality active ingredients. With the nourishing cosmetics of this collection, your skin’s basic needs will be covered for 24 hours. With the basic care of the Essential Care products, your skin will look and feel fresh, revitalised, even, soothed and well-nourished. Simply apply the best choice of cream for you to cleansed skin morning and evening. Voilà!